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Brooke Wylie and Friends are no longer hosting Wednesdays at Mikeys on 12th!  We've had a great run since June 2017, and will always be proud of the community we got to be a part of , as well as all the out of town guests we got to bring you!  Check out this list of hot talent!  Thanks to everyone for all your support, see ya out there pals. xoxoxoxoxoxo


June 2017 - Micah Erenberg Band (Manitoba)

July 2017 - Seth Anderson (Canmore)

August 2017 - Sol James (Winnipeg)

September 2017 - Emily Burgess, Rico Browne and the Weber Brothers (Peterborough)

October 2017 - Tyler Allen (Red Deer)

November 2017 - Derek Hintz (Medicine Hat)

December 2017 - The Tin and the Toad (Champion/Vulcan/Nanton)

December 2017 Christmas Special - Corynn and Ryan Sande, T Buckley (Sundre/Calgary)

January 2018 New Year Special - Micah Erenberg (Manitoba)

January 2018 - Joe Nolan (Edmonton)

February 2018 - The Mayhemingways (Peterborough)

March 2018 - Vince Andrushko (Winnipeg)

April 2018 - Billie Zizi (Edmonton)

May 2018 - Boots and the Hoots (Red Deer)

June 2018 - Brady Enslen Band (Calgary)

August 2018 - Jesse Millar/Colour By Numbers (Winnipeg); Braden Gates (Edmonton)

September 2018 - Steve Loree (Nanton)

October 2018 - Jay Gilday (Edmonton)

November 2018 - Maddie Storvold (Edmonton)

February 2019 - Markus Sommer (Ponoka)

March 2019 - Peter Stone (Edmonton)



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