Melancholy Morning Memories

The 90's as a decade of music, and specifically the Grunge/Punk (ish) aspects of the 90s were major in my musical taste development.  It was the first time in my life that I wasn't listening to music that I'd inherited…Read more

Pre Tour Blog

I promised last blog that it wouldn’t take me long to write another entry...I super failed.  It’s been a year and I haven’t written anything on my website blog!  Well, here I am, the night before my next little prairie…Read more

An Overdue Update, Apparently!! :)

I got an email from my friend David Ward today, who mentioned that my last blog had been in October 2012 and that I should really be posting another update!  It was an encouraging email to receive because I didn’t…Read more

October 2012 Honest Ramblings

Somewhere around this time last year I decided my life needed major revamping, in a multitude of ways.  I spend a few months over the fall and winter hibernating, reflecting and deciding.

Because I'm my own worst critic,…Read more

To The Arkansas Gentleman

(My friend Geoff H. put that "Arkansas Gentleman" quote in his facebook status the other day...nice.  I started writing this blog after I heard the world was about to lose Levon Helm, and he passed yesterday before I was finished)…Read more

It's 2012, and March at that.

Dear People!

Thanks for visiting my website and checking out my brand new blog!  I'm sitting here listening to Rose Cousins, something I'm not sure why I've put off for so long.  I caught two of Rose's showcases at…Read more