It's 2012, and March at that.

Dear People!

Thanks for visiting my website and checking out my brand new blog!  I'm sitting here listening to Rose Cousins, something I'm not sure why I've put off for so long.  I caught two of Rose's showcases at Folk Alliance 2012 and I'm just totally hooked.  She's playing April 02 at the Ironwood in Calgary, you should probably be there.

Lots has changed in Brooke Wylie's Music world in the last handful of months!  The Coyotes as a band played our last show in October of 2011.  For many different reasons, most of them to do with me, it was time to put the band project on hold for a while and concentrate on more solo, more stripped down efforts.  I've been doing quite a few solo/duo/trio type shows, house shows, playing lots of listening rooms.  It's been fabulous to have captivated, attentive audiences!  Not that I haven't valued or appreciated what playing in bars has done or taught me, it was just time for me to head down a different road.  It's a great thing to challenge and reinvent oneself...stepping away from the band helped me realize how hard we worked as a band over the years, to the point where we didn't even rehearse anymore!  But I didn't want to get too lazy either - so here I am out on my own again!

I've been lucky to have the support of three super talented local Calgary musicians - Tim Leacock, T. Buckley and Derek Pulliam - who helped back me up when we were in Memphis for Folk Alliance last week.  Their stellar musicianship has been very motivating and I'm looking forward to potential collaborations in the future with them.

I've been writing, writing, daydreaming...and I've got about half an album floating around in my brain and in my heart.  The hope would be to be recording again this summer, album out by fall.  I just came up with that plan now.

Folk Alliance was a great thing to be a part of, especially since Alberta hadn't had official representation down there before.  The Bow Valley Music Club and Alberta Music Industry Association, as well as sponsors such as Andy Stanislav, are to thank for getting us down there and believing in Alberta musicianship!!  Check out my Media section for some photos.  I met some phenomenal people down there, very excited for what the future holds in terms of connections across this great country.  I am more invested than ever in supporting Alberta music and talent, and making everyone I can aware of what we've got going on in this beautiful province.

Thanks as always for the support, drop a line in my guestbook - it's got animated emoticons!!

Love, Brooke

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